We serve all manner of development,
from small (for example, subdivision), to large regional or master plan proposals. Our professional staff will do the
job efficiently and expediently, AND - cost effectively.

We employ a reliable staff of trained technicians, including field technical support and administrative support.

A. A. & M. are innovators in creating a lasting link between the future proposed development (and developer), First
Nations, community, archaeologists, historians and naturalists.  As an example, we have designed a commemorative
garden reflecting the documented archaeological settlement on a subdivision site. The garden would be integrated
within the overall development plan, such as a traffic “island” fronting the entranceway to the subdivision. An
explanatory plaque would complete the picture.

A. A. & M. views such an approach as part of a trend towards “responsible development,” that which fosters a better
sense of understanding and cooperation between archaeologist and developer, and indeed, a sense of community
pride and notoriety for the developer (including a greater public historical awareness, and greater representation of
the cultural development which has taken place in the area over time).
Dave Riddell, M.A.
Archaeological Assessments and Mitigation

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E-mail: aam@davidriddell.ca